Fix Your Telephony Costs With VoIPinclusive!

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Are you still managing your phone system the old-fashioned way, paying large sums to buy and maintain a traditional pbx and other hardware? This is an expensive and inflexible way of doing things – and that’s before you even take call charges into account.

Fixed Call Costs

For a fixed monthly fee, calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and over 100 international destinations are included.*

Phones, Lines, PBX Included

All your hardware is included in your monthly payment, as well as your virtual switchboard, from which you can easily and instantly manage your phone system. Set up call diverts, voicemails, phone menus and much more.

Flexible and Expandable

You can start off with a 5 user package and add new users whenever you want. Users can work from any location with their VoIP enabled phone and have calls transferred to them as if they were in the office. You can quickly and easily change your settings via your online control panel – your phone system seamlessly grows and develops along with your business.

Installation, Training and Support Included

We will install and set up your VoIPinclusive package on site when you join us. We will also train you on how it all works (don’t worry – it’s very straightforward) and we’re only a phone call away if you need any help.

VoIPinclusive – the Fixed Price Solution

VoIPinclusive is a hosted phone service that offers you everything a traditional phone package does and more, all for one fixed monthly payment.

Our virtual switchboard and pbx lets you manage your calls exactly as you wish. It’s extremely flexible and you can change your set up instantly through your online control panel.

Phone calls up to 30 minutes duration are also included in your fixed monthly payment. This includes calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and over 100 international destinations. We have a fair usage policy to prevent abuse, but most businesses will have their calls covered as part of their monthly payment. We’ll confirm this applies to your business when you enquire.

Although our prices are low, call quality and reliability are both extremely high. Using proven IP technology, we route your calls over the internet instead of over regular phone lines. Our service is robust and business class with no dropped or poor quality calls. You won’t be able to tell your calls are being routed over the internet when speaking to your customers and suppliers.

Here’s what’s included for a fixed monthly cost:

  • Calls to UK landlines included
  • Calls to UK mobiles included
  • Calls to 100+ international destinations included
  • A free primary phone number and up to 10 Direct Dial Extensions
  • Access to a hosted virtual switchboard and other advanced services
  • Rental of all handsets and base stations
  • Dedicated broadband connection included
  • More money in your pocket and greater peace of mind

Speak to us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll advise you on the best solution for you.

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*Fair usage policy applies, click here for details.