Benefits of VoIP

1. Fix Your Costs

Fix your phone costs. For only £39/month per user you get all your equipment, broadband and calls to UK landlines AND mobiles, as well as international numbers*

There’s no need for you to find a lump sum to pay for an expensive pbx switchboard and handsets, as we provide everything you need, for a small set up fee and a fixed monthly rate.

2. Flexible

A VoIPinclusive phone system is incredibly flexible and can adapt to perfectly meet your requirements.

As your company grows, you simply add extra users whenever you need to. You can even have users at different sites (such as a second office or home-based workers) all connected to the same company switchboard. Not only are all internal calls free, but calls can also be quickly and easily transferred between team members no matter where they are working that day.

As your VoIPinclusive numbers and services are hosted, they are completely portable. If you ever want to move offices or are forced to locate elsewhere due to an emergency (such as a flood or fire) it’s easy to do so and your service will not be affected. Our service is ready built for use as part of your disaster recovery / business continuity plans.

3. Free Number and Services

When you become a VoIPinclusive client you get a free number and access to a range of simple yet sophisticated phone services. You can choose either an 01, 02 or 03 number (0300 or 0333) for free, or any other number type if you’d prefer. For example, you might choose an 0800 number for a small additional cost, or maybe an 0844 where you receive 2p /min every time someone calls you.

We can also set up a free 0844 number for you with a fax-to-email service attached if you need it. With this you can receive faxes without a machine and have them automatically sent to your email address as a pdf attachment.

For more information on our range of numbers and advice on which are best for you, please contact us.

4. No equipment to buy or maintain

When you become a VoIPinclusive client there’s no expensive equipment to buy. We set up a hosted pbx switchboard for you and supply you with all the routers, base stations and phones you need, all included in your monthly rate.

There are no expensive maintenance or costly repairs to worry about either. We look after everything for you!

5. Free Support and Installation

As a VoIPinclusive customer we take care of you every step of the way. Before you even sign up we’ll answer all your questions and talk to you to make sure our service is the best solution for you. We’ll check your connection is suitable for the VoIP system and help you design the perfect phone system for your unique needs.

When it comes time to install your system we visit your site and do it for you. We also show you how everything works (don’t worry, it’s very straightforward) so you know what to do at other offices or for staff who work from home. We’ll also make sure you understand your online control panel and how to change your services if you need to.

After installation and set up we’re still only a phone call away. We don’t charge for support and we’re always happy to answer your questions, no matter what the issue.

6. Built-In Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Protection

One of the big benefits of using a hosted telephone service is that you are automatically protected should your premises by affected by a disaster, such as a fire, flood or storm damage.

Whereas traditional physical lines and pbx’s are vulnerable to local damage, your hosted service is not. Should you ever not be able to work from your regular premises, you can simply log in to your online dashboard and divert all your calls to other landline or mobile numbers. You can also set up recorded messages to inform staff and customers of the latest news, or send out bulk SMS text messages to let them know where to go or what to do whilst the problem is being fixed.

If you want to know more about our business continuity / disaster recovery services, please contact us for details.

*Fair usage policy applies, click here for details.