I’ve not really heard of VoIP, what is it?

Another reason some people are initially reluctant to consider VoIP is that it is still relatively unknown. Sure, they’ve heard of Skype and similar services, but haven’t considered using VoIP for their business phone system.

You don’t need a computer to make and receive VoIP calls – we supply VoIP phones that look and operate in the same way as regular phones, except the calls are routed differently.

The technology behind VoIP is reliable and stable, so your calls will always be of the highest quality. It is not experimental or unstable, it is just not widely known and recognized yet. This is changing and VoIP is becoming more and more popular. It is likely to become the normal way of making phone calls in the years to come.

What’s the call quality like? I’ve heard it isn’t very good.

One of the concerns people have when it comes to VoIP is the quality of the calls. This is understandable, as at some point most people have experienced a dodgy internet call over skype or similar.

However, there’s no need to worry about this today. Broadband speeds are a lot faster than they were a few years ago, which is the main factor in call quality. Even high-quality calls don’t take up a lot of bandwidth, so anyone with a decent internet connection can get a top quality, reliable service. We’re also careful to check your connection is suitable before installing your VoIP system.

Just consider – at a time when most people can download and stream High Definition films without any issues, making and receiving high quality calls is not a problem.

I’ve heard you can’t call international numbers with VoIP?

Most international calls are included free as part of your unlimited calls package but calls to some countries will incur an additional charge. To find out more please click here.

What If there’s a power failure or loss of connection?

If your internet connection goes down you will still have a single line available to take and make calls. Outages are very rare and are usually only for a very short time. In certain circumstances we will be able to route your calls to mobiles.

If you are subjected to a power cut calls to you will be attempted and if no suitable phone is available your voicemail will kick in because the whole system is hosted by us.

If you have a power cut your phone system will go down too. This is the same regardless of whether you have VoIP or a regular phone line. One advantage of using our hosted Virtual Switchboard (which you get automatically as a VoIPinclusive customer) is that you can easily switch sites by diverting your calls to a different number whilst the power is out. Alternatively, you could leave a recorded message letting any callers know what’s going on when they dial your number.