When you switch to VoIPinclusive you will get access to a fully featured virtual pbx, giving you full control over your phone system. You can use any combination of the services outlined below to create the perfect phone system for your requirements. All the services integrate seamlessly with each other and any updates you make take place instantly.

The services are completely flexible and you can change them at any time. Your phone system grows and develops as your business does, adapting perfectly to your changing requirements.

Here’s a short summary of the main services available:

Virtual Switchboard:

The central component of your phone system. As part of your package you get access to a fully integrated virtual switchboard service (hosted pbx), giving you all the functionality of a large PBX for a fraction of the cost.


Set up company and personal voicemail services. Pick up your messages by phone, online or by email via an attached audio file.

Call Conference:

Set up conference calls between your staff, customers and prospects. Dial in using PIN entry and secure Caller ID.

Call Divert:

Divert your calls between your different numbers, such as your work, mobile or home office. Landlines and mobiles supported.

Call Forward & Record:

Record your outgoing calls and store them for a limited time online (extend storage period for a small extra fee)

Caller Select:

Treat callers differently based on their number or area code. Give preferential treatment to your best customers, or direct callers to their closest regional office.

Fax to Email:

Receive faxes and have them sent as a pdf attachment direct to your email address. Faxes are also accessible via your online account panel.

Group Divert:

Divert callers to a single number or group of numbers in any order of priority. Includes call queuing and choice of on-hold music. Also known as a “Hunt Group”.

Information Line:

Play incoming calls a customised recorded message that can be played once or looped. Multiple callers can dial in simultaneously with no service disruption.

PIN Entry:

Secure access to your phone system by using PIN (Personal Identification Number) protection.

Time of Day:

Fully automate your telephone system by programming which service will be used when. For example, set up a group divert for office hours, then automatically switch to voicemail when you are closed.

Other services are also available, please contact us for more information.